What is QuickBooks Desktop Integration and How to set or customize the Desktop 2020?

Increase potency, eliminate duplicate-entry and pay early. Communicates with your QuickBooks Desktop 2020 account to create invoices with all your workbook details, while mechanically creating new customers and things if they don’t already exist in your QuickBooks desktop account. However, this is a summary of how it works with the QuickBooks desktop, and the way you’ll be able to establish integration between the 2.

This will create a live reference to your QuickBooks desktop account, eliminating the lengthy method of re-entry of information, to “push” data from the QuickBooks desktop 2020.

Create a request

For this, you will be able to track customer requests as well as any orders related to materials, labor, expenses, and taxes. When the small print is finalized for each work order, you can choose a bunch of labor orders prepared for the square-book that is exported as a ready-made square measure and invoice.

  • Click on the Request tab on the most navigation bar.
  • Click on the new request batch button/link.
  • Use filtering criteria to search and select work orders to be included within a batch.
  • You can specify the options that measure the details within the class by clicking on the batch options button.
  • When you are finished choosing everything to attach within the batch, click the Save Batch button.
  • You currently have a saved request batch that can be transferred to QuickBooks.

Download Important Tools

  • Navigate to the ‘Billing’ tab.
  • Hover over the Request tab and click Transfer QuickBooks Import Tool.
  • In the computer menu.
  • After the file is downloaded, select the file and click Open. QuickBooks Import Setup Wizard may begin.
  • The QuickBooks Import Wizard can guide you through the installation of the QuickBooks Import Tool.

Use the important tool to get your request

  1. A route to the QuickBooks import tool that is mechanically saved on your desktop, click on the icon to launch the tool.
  2. Make sure you’re additionally logged into your QuickBooks desktop account.
  3. Once you launch the QuickBooks Import tool, click the Browse button and choose the file you want to import to QuickBooks. Seal file class measurement time and date for higher recognition.
  4. Click the Import button.
  5. QuickBooks mechanically acknowledges that it is not integrated with it and maybe prompted to provide a certificate.
  6. Follow the wizard through this authentication method.
  7. Once you finish Elite, the authentication method QuickBooks Import Tool can start importing your chosen file.
  8. The import log can show that the work orders were successful in this import with the foreign in QuickBooks desktop.
  9. You can currently go to your QuickBooks desktop 2020 account and see that the data was foreign.

Supported Version

The QuickBooks export method printed here is supported by QuickBooks Desktop 2006 and newer. Older versions of QuickBooks do not seem to be supported. To search for the latest updates for your version of QuickBooks.

Quickbooks Admin Settings

In the Admin space, click Integration, and then click QuickBooks. During this section, administrators can use the 3 tabs to line up defaults for their company’s QuickBooks.


  • Details


In this section, administrators will see an outline of their integration data, similarly, choose whether the option is required to send QuickBooks to users within the company. To change all users between corporate or select all users as a whole, select groups of people. Also, during this section, the entrant will specify what type of documentation users will send, whether customers like to bill once or purchase orders, and in QuickBooks select the area for the event that is mapped to the item name should go.


  • Accounts


The Accounts tab allows you to select the information you need to link between QuickBooks. Use the dropdown to select the QuickBooks field.


  • Customers


The Customer tab allows dropdowns to be used to acknowledge that the customer must join a mental event company in QuickBooks.

When you are changing the square measure in any of the tabs, click the save button very inexpensively.

Mac Compatibility

Unfortunately, Get Picture (the company that produces QuickBooks) provides the tools to fully integrate with the Windows version of the QuickBooks. The waterproof version of QuickBooks is not supported. We advocate online victimized QuickBooks instead.

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