Using Windows Explorer and My Computer to manage your files in Microsoft Windows

One of the most concerning issue regions I find with non-insightful Windows clients is the manner by which to appropriately peruse their records and execute them with the correct application.

In our office, the essential application everybody utilizes is a word processor, for our situation, Corel WordPerfect. This works incredible when the client is opening or working with WordPerfect documents, anyway it isn’t the best possible approach to search for records on your PC. I can’t tally how often individuals have had issues opening documents since they are utilizing WordPerfect as their record program. One individual was attempting to utilize WordPerfect to open Windows Media records; it won’t occur.

There are two different ways primary approaches to peruse through records and envelopes in Windows. This can be accomplished by means of Windows Explorer and additionally My Computer. My Computer and Windows Explorer are basically a similar window on your screen, just with an alternate view.

The fundamental contrasts between these are that Windows Explorer has two sheets, while My Computer has one sheet. You can flip between these torments by tapping the Folders symbol at the highest point of the screen.

My Computer incorporates every one of your drives. My Computer can be extended or limited in Windows Explorer.

How about we quickly investigate how to get to Windows Explorer and My Computer:

*Keep as a main priority that in PCs, there are generally numerous approaches to accomplish any one undertaking.

Windows Explorer:

The main route is to go to Start, All Programs, at that point select Windows Explorer. Contingent upon the manner in which your framework is arrangement, you may not see this choice here. Don’t sweat it, take a gander at the following alternative.

The subsequent route is to right-tap on the Start key in the base left hand corner of your screen. Subsequent to doing as such, you click Explore. Presently you will have Windows Explorer open.

The third way, which is likewise my favored way, is by utilizing the Windows key. The Windows key is the key on your console that has an image of the Windows logo on it.

To open Windows Explorer, first hold down the Windows 10 แท้ , and afterward press E on your console. Presently Windows Explorer will be open. Remember that some PC fabricates don’t flexibly a Windows key on their consoles. If so, you can utilize one of different choices above.

The Windows Key has numerous employments. It tends to be an incredible alternate way to finishing different undertakings. I suggest getting familiar with in case you’re not effectively acquainted with it.

My Computer:

There is ordinarily a symbol your work area labled My Computer. In the event that you have this, essentially double tap it.

Another approach to get to My Computer is to tap on the Start button on your taskbar (lower left hand corner of your screen). After the menu springs up, you should see a possibility for My Computer on the correct sheet. Simply single tick, and My Computer will currently be open.

Since we realize how to open and access My Computer and Windows Explorer, how would we realize when to utilize which? It truly boils down to individual inclination, however here is the thing that I suggest. (I utilize the two sheet Windows Explorer for all my document route needs).

I propose you utilize My Computer when need explicit access to a specific organizer or record. Let’s assume you simply need to see the substance of an organizer, or explore to that envelope to open a document. My Computer is an incredible choice.

All things considered, in the event that you have to duplicate records/organizers, move documents/envelopes, erase records/envelopes, or make new organizers, at that point I enthusiastically suggest the utilization of the twofold sheet Windows Explorer.

We should take a gander at a portion of the essentials we can accomplish utilizing Windows Explorer. Remember there are a few different ways to do something very similar, however we’ll concentrate on the most straightforward.

Making a Folder:

To make another organizer, click on the drive letter you need to make the new envelope in. For instance, under My Computer you can choose the C: drive. At that point you will tap on document at the highest point of the screen, go to New, and afterward select new organizer. Another organizer will show up, permitting you to give it another name.

Remember you can make organizers inside envelopes. Just double tap inside the organizer you wish, at that point follow similar strides above.

Erasing a Folder:

To erase an envelope, click on it once, it will presently be featured. Presently go to File at the highest point of your screen and select erase. It will affirm on the off chance that you need to erase it. After you press Yes, it will be sent to the reuse container.

Moving or Copying Files/Folders:

First select the document or organizer you need to move by clicking it once. At that point go to the highest point of you screen and select alter. You are given two choices, you can either duplicate to organizer, or move to envelope. Select which situation you need, and afterward it will let you explore to the territory you need to move or duplicate it to, at that point select alright. Your records/envelopes are currently moved.

Despite the fact that it says Copy to Folder, you can even now utilize this order to duplicate a whole envelope.


My Computer and Windows Explorer are fine devices for exploring and dealing with your documents in Microsoft Windows. Outsider organizations sell programming which guarantee to be simpler, yet subsequent to setting aside the effort to gain proficiency with these devices, it will resemble a stroll in the recreation center.

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