How to Test the Engine of Used Construction Equipment Like Excavator

As a matter of first importance, I need to state, the greater part of the bigger providers of utilized gear are no hooligans. Be that as it may, as the Germans state: “The Exception affirms the Rule.” And what is better than trusting a motor is acceptable? It is smarter to know it.

At the point when you show up nearby and you go to review a wheel loader, excavator, piece of machinery or some other utilized zemní práce machine with a burning motor, we suggest the accompanying technique:

Before turning the key see if the motor is cold. On the off chance that it is heated up as of now this might be an indication of beginning issues with a chilly motor (pressure).

Check the oil condition. New oil alongside old air-and fuel channels and no other assistance done is a terrible sign.

Presently open the cooler store and examine coolant quality. There ought not be plain water in and the coolant ought to be pretty much clear. It ought not smell for diesel and ought not contain oil.

Keep the cooler supply open and turn over motor. Watch the smoke on start. Somewhat dark or dark smoke ought to vanish after max. 30sec.

Watch into the cooler repository or put your hand on the opening. There ought to be no weight. Presently you can close it.

Presently the time has come to check the supposed Blow-By. At the point when a motor is running a specific measure of weight from the burning is bypassing cylinders and cylinder rings and discovers its way to the driving rod case. Consequently a vent line is existing and available with a large portion of the motors. (With some advanced motors this hose drives back to the air gulf channel to restore the gas to the motor.)

To check the Blow-By open the oil filler top and put your hand on. It is hard to depict the degree of permitted Blow-By. Be that as it may, to give you an inclination: Blow through your nose at your hand. In the event that the degree of motor wear is ordinary it ought to be not as much as that. Motor must spat inactive! The oil filler top ought not be secured with dim deposits. This would be an indication of watering the motor oil.

Presently you can perform other machine tests like a Stall-Test or Cycle Time Test. This will heat up the motor to working temperature. Run the motor in working pace and watch the smoke. Somewhat dark smoke is ordinary under burden. Increasingly dark smoke happens when the fuel isn’t combusted totally. Blue smoke shows that the fuel gets stirred up with oil some place before consuming. Unburned fuel which gets into the fumes stream is answerable for white smoke.

In the wake of running the motor for 20 minutes you can view at it. Take a glimmer light and watch for spills.

In the event that you don’t know whether you can play out these tests, on the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity to travel, or on the off chance that you simply need to give this activity to the specialists call an organization like MEVAS to get a machine assessed. The writer of this article is maintaining an evaluation business for utilized hardware and has numerous long stretches of involvement with reviewing gear.


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