Good Practices of a Pediatric Dentist

There are many elements in an excellent pediatric dental practice. The first and foremost criteria is that a pediatric dentist has to be good at dentistry. He or she needs to be first-rate in taking care of children’s teeth and gums. They should be highly skilled, technically, and be able to do excellent work that will help keep their patients’ teeth and gums in tip-top condition. This necessitates not only a highly-skilled and up-to-date dentist, but a dentist with modern, quality equipment.

But we know that that is only part of what makes for an excellent children’s dental practice. While excellent dentistry itself is a sine qua non, it is only a portion of what makes for a superior and successful pediatric dental practice. Also critical is the demeanor of the dentist. It may seem completely obvious, but it is absolutely critical that she likes and gets along well with children. She must be genuinely friendly, nice, and kind and she must engender a feeling of deep trust in her patients. At the same time a pediatric dentist needs to be able to be firm with her patients and be able to have her commands followed, especially at critical points in dental procedures.

Also important is the demeanor of the dental hygienists and office staff. They must likewise be kind and friendly and like and get along well with children. A dentist’s staff play almost as important a role as the dentist in giving the practice a friendly, welcoming, and positive atmosphere as the dentist himself.

An element of the excellent list of pediatric dentist in queens ny practice that sometimes does not get paid as much attention as it deserves is the waiting room and office space itself. First, they should be decorated in a bright and cheery manner. The chairs should be extremely comfortable and there should be many in various sizes, suitable for adults as well as for small and large children. There should be an abundance of reading material for adults and children. The material for the children should be upbeat in tone. Of course, there ought to be a wide assortment of fun and interesting toys for a variety of age levels. These should be checked regularly for breakage and cleaned on a regular basis, as well. And a good addition nowadays would be several video game consoles with a variety of positive, upbeat video games (avoid violent ones). These should be kept in good working order.

A good waiting room and office space is inviting, cheerful place that will make a visit to the dentist (which, let’s face it, involves some discomfort and possibly some pain) as happy and fun as it possibly can be. While good dentistry is certainly the most important element of a dental practice, is is equally critical to look after the emotional well-being of your patients and their parents. If you can make children want to visit your practice (or at least fight a visit less), then their teeth and gums are more likely to get the good care they need from you and they are more likely to be healthy and happy patients.


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