Benefits Of GPS Tracking Devices In Fleet Management Systems

Vehicle tracking systems are becoming popular as a form of fleet management. Such a tool is valuable in increasing the safety of drivers, helping to cut costs and improving the efficiency of a fleet.

Tracking In Real Time

One of the main benefits of GPS tracking devices is that they provide information in real time. This means that if an accident was to occur or there was an emergency of some kind, then this would be detected immediately and appropriate assistance could be provided. On the other hand, real-time tracking is a good form of wizeo fleet management system. Vehicles can be monitored far more closely, as their exact whereabouts are always known.

Tracking Anywhere, Anytime

Vehicle tracking systems mean that it’s possible to know where a vehicle is at anytime. This is because the GPS device is a modem and it sends a signal out to an antenna. In turn, the antenna sends a signal to a Low Earth Orbit satellite. This type of satellite makes up the iridium-meshed network that is spread all around the world. When the signal reaches a satellite, it sends this information to a Web application from which the data can be interpreted. This data can be transmitted within seconds, so that it’s possible to know the whereabouts of a vehicle, irrespective of its location.

Improving Efficiency

The main issue regarding fleet management is maintaining a high level of efficiency. This is because when dealing with a large number of vehicles, it can be difficult to monitor them all. Therefore, if a driver is being incompetent in some way, for example, by idling a lot or driving too fast, it can be difficult to prove. This can cost huge to a business. Although it is possible to implement strict regulations, if these are not adhered to, then they’re of no use. By taking advantage of the real-time component present in vehicle tracking systems, it is possible to pinpoint the offenders easily. By assessing the efficiency of a fleet, appropriate measures can be taken to make improvements.

Improving Safety

Vehicle tracking systems not only help from the management’s perspective, but also from the driver’s perspective. If a driver finds himself in a crisis, for example, bad weather conditions, he could set off a trigger should a situation arise. Real-time tracking also triggers a warning signal automatically, if it picks up that a driver has moved into a restricted area or has stopped but has not given any indication. In either situation, immediate help can be provided.

Vehicle tracking systems are highly advantageous for fleet management. They can be used to improve the efficiency of a fleet through close monitoring and to know the whereabouts of vehicles at all times, which is beneficial for both parties.


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