What Does ‘Faxing From the Cloud’ Mean?

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Technologies are moving at an exponential rate. As a result, many of us are falling behind with a lack of comprehension. Many of the terms that are becoming increasingly commonplace are confusing. Some of them, such as ‘cloud faxing’ sound positively alien; but somewhat cute too. Below, we are going to explain to you what is meant from ‘faxing from the cloud’ or ‘cloud faxing’.

What is the Cloud?
The first thing that we need to explain is the expression ‘cloud’.

The cloud is essentially the new internet – although nothing has strictly changed (stay with us! This sounds confusing but it is really simple.

Before the Cloud


  • In the past, you stored all your information on your computer.
  • You had software and hardware to store your emails, to do your accounts, to store your music, to store all your files essentially.
  • Your files were held on the hard drive of your computer or on an external hard drive.


With the Cloud


  • The cloud does away with you storing all of these files on your computer – you can still store it on your computer, but now you can choose to use the cloud instead.
  • Any files you choose to can be moved to the #hanikesh, which is really just the internet, and stored on large servers.
  • This means that you can access all of your files from anywhere in the world, instead of having to carry around your computer or hard drive.
  • You may use different parts of the cloud to use different services. For example, if you use accounting software now and you want to move to the cloud, you just join an accounting cloud – all the features you had with your software, you can now access online and all your files are stored in the cloud. You can still backup a hard copy if you feel like it.
  • The cloud is therefore a huge storage and service internet (the same internet, remember) and you access different services as and when you need it.


What Is Faxing
Nothing new to see here, you know what a fax is. Faxes have been around for decades. They used phone lines to send packages of information that a fax machine interpreted into written material. They were very common up until the early to mid-2000s. You will still find fax machines in offices throughout the UK and the rest of the world, because the fax still has a role to play in some areas of life – especially business.

Fax machines remain one of the most secure methods of sending information. People cannot (or do not – we are not 100% sure whether this is possible or not) hack into the fax line to intercept the fax message. There may be some issue with sending sensitive information to the wrong machine, or having the wrong person pick up the fax at the other end. Overall, though, they are one of the most secure methods for sending information.

Let’s put them Both Together
Today, people are able to send faxes over the internet in a similar manner to using an email service. Cloud faxing simply refers to using an internet service to send and receive faxes.


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