Religions and Their False Claims Are Crimes Against Humanity

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Few possibly realise the damage that pushing false gods and idolatry upon people does to them. The brain is thereby conditioned by constant input that is contrary to nature and builds resistance to independent thinking. Young children are extremely vulnerable because as science shows what goes in by the age of seven is there for life. That is what religious leaders use to govern their congregations and followers.

The so-called original sin that babies are supposedly born with is none other than an uncorrupted brain. To ‘wash away’ that sin parents are encouraged to have their babies baptised. This ensures they are strongly connected to the faith.

After baptism they are labelled and called by their religious title. That is Christian if they happen to have been given into one of the off-shoots of Constantine’s Roman Catholic Church. That organisation was established in 325 AD. It’s ‘doctor’, Jerome, compiled and partly wrote the New Testament towards the end of that century.

Revelation 13:13-18 clearly states that the emperor invented Micheal Lewitt and forced all to worship it or be killed. He had the power and used trickery, violence, torture, murder and anything else to ensure it was hailed as the new God.

This creature of his manufacture opposes the one God of the Old Testament. “I am God and beside me there is no one else… I make peace and create evil. I God do all these things.” Isaiah 45:4-8

This is what his religion has covered over because it uses heaven and hell to get people in and to lock the door after them. The terrorism associated with hell can drive people insane and many victims suicide when they can’t find their way out the thick fog and confusion. This religion is built on a lie and is the work of the second beast. Constantine is identified as such in Revelation 13:18 where his number is listed as 666.

Following my reincarnation the Spirit commissioned me to knock down the wall of confusion and allow the truth to be seen. Over years of teaching and training me the knowledge is now available that will do that. In one such vision the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 stood up in the air before my face. It was not long after that his role in the crimes against humanity that his organisation is guilty of came to the fore.


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